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edenpure G7 whole house deluxe air purifier

G7 Whole House Deluxe Air Purifier

  • Works four ways to control pollution from air, surfaces and fabrics
  • Reduces common household odors
  • One of the most advanced purifiers on the market today
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • One Year Warranty

The EdenPURE G7 works four ways to control pollution from air, surfaces, and fabrics. Helps reduce odors, smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria, mold, carbon monoxide, pet dander, viruses, and more. Free Shipping for this product.

  • Ozone (optional) Mode:
    Used for rapid odor removal and surface sterilization.

  • Anion (negative ion) generator: Restores healthy ion balance to drop lung damaging particles out of the air.

  • UV/UVC Photo Catalyst Chamber: Most advanced sterilizer--should run continuously.

  • HEPA Filter: Effective to 99.97 for pollen, drifting dead skin and other lung damaging particles

Noticeable pollution can be reduced in as little as 15 minutes and more difficult pollution, such as viruses and bacteria can be reduced in as few as 24 hours.

The EdenPURE Deluxe Air Purifier is the best and one of the most advanced air purifiers on the market. Unlike other air purifiers which have 1 or 2 ways of reducing pollution, the EdenPURE has 4 ways that can reduce pollution and more.

This 4-mechanism system helps destroy not only pollution from the air, but also reduces pollution embedded in walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, furniture, clothing, and on countertops and other surfaces. It sanitizes everything in the house and reduces or eliminates all odors, including cigarette smoke, mildew, cooking odors, and any other odors in your home.

The super advanced fan of the EdenPURE runs so quiet that you would have to put your ear up next to it to know that it's even running. And the EdenPURE is virtually maintenance free and requires no filter replacement. There is a small 4 inch by 8 inch pre-filter made of highly durable mesh that you simply clean periodically by running water over it. The EdenPURE is ideal for any room in your home where airborne and surface pollution may be present.

Does not meet California requirements; cannot be shipped to California.
FREE SHIPPING (except Alaska, Hawaii and International)

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